XD Design Bobby Bizz – Briefcase and Backpack

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Product details of XD-Design Bobby Bizz, The Best Business Briefcase and Backpack

  • Bobby Bizz, the Best Business Briefcase and Backpack. Keep your belongings safe and make your commute all that more comfortable with our latest generation of the Bobby Anti-Theft backpack line.
  • For many of us, worrying about getting pick-pocketed while carrying our backpack can be an unpleasant experience.
  • Even something as simple as enjoying a warm cup of coffee at a terrace can result in your bag being seized from you all in the blink of an eye.This is exactly why we strive to protect your luggage from theft.
  • We want nothing more than for our clients to travel safely, comfortably and without having to be concerned about unwanted incidents.
  • Whether traveling far or near, by bike, by foot or public transport, the Bobby Bizz is the perfect traveling sidekick.
  • From hidden zippers to an integrated anti-theft lock, the Bobby Bizz guarantees to cause pocket-pickers to scratch their heads in confusion and be totally unable to take or even reach your personal possessions.
  • With the Bobby Bizz you not only roam in style but it also has the ability to go from backpack to briefcase in a matter of seconds! Perfectly suited for any occasion.Live more and worry less!



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