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XDDesign Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

Available in Black and Grey

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XD Design Bobby Multifunctional anti-theft backpack

Can not find zip:
– hidden zipper design, thieves want to steal do not know where to start.


Backpack cut:
– backpack a total of five kinds of anti-cutting fabric, multi-layer coating also allows the safety of the backpack more secure.
Outer use 300D / 600D fabric, plus 6mm anti-collision sponge layer, and double sandwich cutting fabric, anti-cutting protection PP armor.

Luminous, no dead angle of the security design:
– not only take into account the problem of users cycling dead ends, but also with the luminous

Power Outside Connector:
– as long as the urine bag inside the bag, you can charge through the external connector, no longer have to hold the bag in one hand, one hand holding the phone in the charge.

Humanized weight-bearing design, reduce 25% burden:
– effective space within the pocket space, so that things will not be dumped, to maintain the vertical state of force, so that the shoulder force evenly, the back up no more burden


– hide small pockets for easy storage
Intimate design, to solve many people into the subway station can not find the trouble before the Octopus.






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Black, Light Grey